Social Media and the Real World

Social media has become extremely important in the last years.  These websites make it much easier to stay connected to friends and family, and also provide news and entertainment.  Calls to family and friends have become comments and chats, and even invitations to real events are sent through Facebook.  I can’t comment much about Instagram or any other sites of this fashion, but Facebook in particular has become essential to business and advertising.

But, like almost everything in life, Facebook has a bad side.  Many people see the number of friends, likes, or shares as a symbol of popularity and status.  Photos of friends or celebrities on the internet can cause unfair comparisons or jealousy – “why isn’t my life like this?”  This principally affects those who already have a fragile self-esteem, by generating anxiety and depression.

If you find yourself being affected by social media, read the following tips:

Visit less pages: Social media is, in fact, addicting.  Control your use.  Anything that is important, like invitations, will be waiting for you there when you return.  Remember that Facebook (or any other social media platform you use) is only a small part of your life.

Stop with the comparisons: Comparing yourself to others in real life is already bad, but comparing yourself to others on social media is completely useless.  It can even start to seem like you’re the only one bad things happen to, but the truth is that a large majority of people only post the good side of their lives – there are few who tell of their daily struggles and their sadness.  You basically are seeing photos without any context.  You should not compare yourself to photos that are selected just to show off a perfect life.

You are most important:  Likes on Facebook aren’t going to bring happiness.  Happiness comes from within, and your quality of life depends on how you think of yourself, not how others think of you.  Invest your time in doing things that make you feel good, and don’t let a website control your life and mood.  You are much more than your internet profile.

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